Movie vs. Book

Upon watching the movie again, after having read the book, I picked up on many similarities, as well as differences between the two. Obviously there are several key similarities in the story and movie, for instance the plot, theme, and most of the ideas remain constant between the two. The main differences come in how the two prove the points they are trying to make. In the book, there is no way for the reader to see the constant appearances of Tyler at random points before the narrator’s apartment catches on fire. Tyler flickers in and out of vision (never with the narrator noticing), nonetheless the frequency he is seen increases as the narrator grows closer and closer to his transformation ,as if Tyler is slowly coming into and taking over his life. I liked this about the movie, as it just showed another way as to how early this idea of Tyler Durden was surfacing in the narrator’s head. There were other things I liked about the movie in relation to the book, but the other big thing was how they portrayed Marla. In both she is supposed to be the reason this had all begun, there is no question about that. It is interesting the extent the narrator is observing his own actions from a third person point of view, something that is very prevalent in the movie. It helped build on the fact that he had no idea of what was going on, and that he really had become two different people in a way. The constant sex and anger the Tyler part of him shows toward Marla in the movie also furthers the point that they are opposites, as it highlights the id of Tyler and the ego of himself. These things all help build the meaning of the story that can best be shown in the form of film.


2 thoughts on “Movie vs. Book

  1. yooet

    This was good, I liked how you wove together the analysis of the book and the movie to show their similarities. Some of the phrasing was awkward but that’s it.

  2. molnarja

    I like how you focus in on the absorption of Tyler in the film but you could have explained how Tyler differs in the book from the movie rather than just saying it was different in the movie. With that being said, I completely agree with your point and definitely picked up on that watching the movie after reading the book.


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