Summary of The Handmaid’s Tale (Pages 137-140)

The chapter starts out with the information that Offred has been summoned to the Commander’s office. Offred is scared, as anyone might be to have a first-hand encounter with the Commander in a private setting. No one, as far as Offred knows, has been given this order before. She enters, sits down, and plays scrabble with the lonely man. She lets him win once, and she wins the other time, demonstrating her knowledge all with while. As she is leaving, the Commander asks her for a kiss. She tries to think how she could get more from it, however she kisses him half-heartedly. He feels that she could be more passionate, and tells her so. The passage concludes with a “Goodnight”, and the knowledge that Offred will most certainly be invited back to play Scrabble again in the near future (140).


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